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Technical Data Sheet
Chemical name:       Gibberellin (A4+7)  [A4:A7=40:60]
Moleculor Formula :  C19H24O5 , C19H22O5
Molecular Weight::    332.39, 330.37
CAS#:                          468-44-0, 510-75-8
EINECS:                      207-406-9, 208-117-0
Molecular Structure:
Application: It belongs to gibberellic acid series and is a good plant growth hormone. After it is compounded with 6-Benzylaminopurine, it can be used in plants as apples, grapes, etc. to improve the quality and the output.

Assay: GA(4+7)90%.
Appearance: It is white crystal powder
Melting point: 198-202.
Stability: TECH is stabile in dry state and acidulous solution. It can easily lose biological activity in alkalinity.
Package:1kg/Tin, or According to customers' demand.
Storage: Store in cool and dry place. Forbid to touch basic substances.
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