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Technical Data sheet
Chemical Name:      (2,5-Dioxo-4-imidazolidinyl ) urea
Other Name:              Allantoin,Alantan,Allegron,Alphosyl,Alyonyldiurened,Cordianine
CAS No.:                     97-59-6 
Molecular Formula:  C4H6N4O3  
Molecular Weight:    158.12
Structural formula:

Appearance:             white crystal powder
Purity:                         98.5%min
pH(in 5%solution):  5-6

Allantoin is a specially effective additive of cosmetics and the healing pharmaceutical of the skin wound. It can promote the cover cell produing, make the wound heal rapidly. And it can also soften beratin, keep the moisture, make skin moist and soft. It is an anti-irritant that helps eliminate the skin irritation and redness sometimes caused by certain cosmetic ingredients such as soap and detergent surfactants, oils and acidic or alkaline materials.

Packing and storage: packed in hard paper board drum,25kgs/drum.keep in dry and shady warehouse.
Shelf life:24 months.

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